Raymond 9

Me Raymond is a cool red & hot little chilipepper !!!

Are you kidding with me ??? I heard what you said !!!


I will pretend that I didnt hear you...OK !?!


If we are friends again ???............Okey-dokey........I hold no grudge here !


Even  I got limits..........GET ME OUT OF HERE........and GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW !!!


I prefer to be on the ground........yes-yes !!!


I look kind of like a little cute Native-American here !



Youre pretty close now....WHAT do you want from me !?!


Shall we go for a  little walk perhaps ??? That would be cool !


Im all set !!!


Im waaaiting  here !!!


You DID promise me a nice WALK and I NEVER EVER FORGET !!! Havent you learned that by now ???


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