Raymond 9


The Swedish Tadpole in the Summer of 2005 !

I love to swim and to fetch a stick !


I love my little life-vest also !


Mom ! When are you gonna buy me a pair of some cool Doggles ???


This is my brand new pool for the season and it is much smaller than the last one !


I am thirsty here....hmmm !?!


I have no chlorine in my pool-water, so I can drink it if it is an emergency like it is right now. We also change the pool water every week and it is NOT a toilet.....thank you very much !!!


Mmmmm.......I sure love to swim !


Mom & dad.....aren´t you gonna join me here !?!


Don´t be afraid to fall.....you can use this little stair, if you want to......come on now !!!



This must be one of the most delightful things in life......swimming outside in the summertime !



Whoo..hoo....They FINALLY allow me to swim in the lake Hörnsjön now ! The lake which is situated almost next to our house !!! It was forbidden before, because it was a reserve-water lake for human drinking-water. But now it is NOT, VERY KEWL...I say !!!

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