No Monkey Buisness!!!

Donīt Mess with Me !


Iīm a star !

I love to be in the spotlight !

Well Hello there !

Iīve got green eyes.....hehehee !!!



Raymond The Swedish Tadpole !

I got water in my nose........eeeew !!!

Butt naked ! X-rated....hehehe !!!

Did you say something ???

Iīm a swim "guru" !

The ultimate adventure...... !!! Me and dad actually svum all the way over the whole lake !!! Not bad for a "little guy" !


Here you can see us again and where we swum from.......and we swum all the way to the shore, where mommy was waiting of course !

Me in my little vest, pretty cool I must say !

A little cuddling after the swim adventure !

Me fetching a stick !

Just relaxing !

I want my little siamese-cat toy !

Time to get up before I get wrinkles !

Doing some good exercise for my legs !

Doing some push-ups also.....hehehe !!!

I did order a cold beer.......didnīt you hear me the first time ???

Donīt you like my cute butt ???

Dad and me posing for mommy !

This swim-vest is pretty cool !

Ready to jump into the lake !

I am BIG.......arenīt I.....hehehe !?!

Me and Ludvig swimming together !

Ludvigs first swim ever, cool !!!

Ludvig is drinking all the pool water !!!

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