Raymonds Angel Side!

A little tribute to our big Idol, Linda York !!! Raymond is a huge fan !!!

All the dogs are rescued by Linda York !


No:1 Linda York and The Six-Pack Plus gang. Shes our hero !!!


Linda York is a true hero !


Visit Linda and The Six-Pack Plus Gang ! Maby You can make a difference !!!

Next time BEFORE you buy a pet from a bad breeder/puppymill. Save a life instead !!!

Contact Linda ! Maby you can help out !!!


This is "The Lady" herself !!!


Cute as can be....!


Cool Halloween dogs !

Sweetie-pies !!!


4th of July Dogs !


Is this a flower boy !?!


Cute buddies !


This picture is pretty cool....!


Happy Easter dogs !


You can tell that they really are having a good time !


Snow rules !


Im a little angel dog...!


Camping out by the fire dogs !


Christmas dogs, cute huh ???

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