Things that Rocks !

Howard Stern sure rocks.....BIG TIME !


Pour me some "whiskey on the rocks" please......hehehe !!! The coasters on this pic are my very own Raymond coasters, cool huh ! They sure rock..........donīt they ???










I sure love rock-music and heavy-metal also, by the way ! Iīm a "tuff" guy, you know !?! I really like music in general, especially loud music, it calms me down. I grew up arround it, so I think that it is the explanation for that ! When I get scared ( for fireworks for example) or are left alone longer than usual, mommy put on some cool loud music for me and I really love it and it makes me feel safe and calm ! I hate Whitney Houston though.....hehehe !!! I want to lay very close to the speakers also, so I can feel the music vibrate through my little body......such a nice & cool feeling !


Nobody rocks more than Eric Cartman !!! He is the ultimate "rocker" !!!! Such a cool guy and my role-model indeed.......hehehe ! Shhh.......donīt tell anybody though.....especially not  mommy and daddy !

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