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Itīs all about apperance and fashion, donīt you know !?!

If you do then PROVE it........hehehe !?! We love to be pampered.....A LOT !!!

I look like the swedish artist/painter called Malte Nyberg XII, who my mom grew up just next to ! He is cool !!!


Here Comes Some Of My Favourite Fashion, Style & Cool Links !!!


Small Dog Mall

Visit Cosettes Closet

What breed of dog are you ?

Chi-wa-wa Ga-ga

Crown Royal Yorkshire Terriers

Doggone Fashion

The Pink Paw

Little Lily

The Pink Hotdog

Diva Doggie

Diva Dog


Paws to Go

Bow Wow couture

Calling All Dogs

Classy Cats & Canines

Diva Shop

Fifi & Romeo

Foxy Paws

Haute Dog Boutique

Hip Doggie

My Doggy and Me

Pampered Puppy

Paw Printz

Plastic Puppy

Iīm a Precious Pup


The Ritzy Rover

Trixie & Peanut

The Quintessential Pet

A Dogīs Life D

Yorkies 4 Me Links

Pet Travel.Com


Cocoīs Castle

New Gallery


Terrific Pets.Com


The Woofery

The Animal Rescue Site

Doggie Shirts



Doggie Design

United Yorkie Rescue

Yorkie Fashion Fantasy


Mu Shu

Classy Pets Boutique Bedding

Shop with the Big Dogs

Spoiled Yorkies

Waggy Tails

My Tiny Dog

Yorkie Stuff.Com

Dorothy Bauer Designs

Paw Prints Pet Boutique

Cool Pet Stuff. Com

Park Avenue Pooches

Little Shop of Terrors

The Paw-Risian Bistro

Vote for my darn dog


Practical Pet Care

The Senior Dogs Project

Manfred of Sweden

Gustaf & Evita

Deborah Strickland

  Modern Dogg



  1. Iīm a little Fashion Slave !!!

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