Raymonds Playground !


Im watching you !


Im back to play-school again..............!


Taking a little nap !





IIm a little flower-boy !

Ive got my eyes on you..............!?!

Im a heavenly-boy.......hehehee !!!

Do NOT disturb me right now, pleeeease !

Im such a good boy !!!


Hello its me.........Little Yorkie Raymond !

Playing hide and seek here !

Do you have some treats for me, perhaps !?!

An innocent little pupster !

Still NO treats for me ????

Im such a great Super Model !

Im still acting like a pup, although Im OVER 12 years old !

Im a little angel in disguise !

Ive got a smile to die for...hehehee !


Raymond The "BIG THINKER" !!!

I am a kind of "I think a lot" little dog ! Im trying to save the whole world and solve every problem ALL the time ! Im a VERY sensitive and a VERY caring little dude !


Who can resist me ???? Dont you just love me ????



Welcome to The Nursery !!!

Following pics are some of our friend Jaxs doggies ! 

Here is Penny & The SEVEN Pups !

Here is Penny in labour ! She is having a contraction right now !

The first little pup, a boy !

The second little pup, a girl !

Sweetie-pies !

Now we are three pups !

Oops, now we are four pups !

Six perfect pups !

Here comes the seventh one !

Seven little pups !

Four girls and three boys !

Penny and the pups !

We are so hungry !

Im a patience mom !

Seven hungry pups !

Im very protective of my pups !

Im a happy mom !

Trying to get some rest here !


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