Absolute Raymond Christmas !

Merry Christmas from me little Yorkie Raymond !!!


Im the little Yorkie Santa Raymond !

I just LOVE Christmas !



Cool Christmas outfit, dont you think so !?!



Im such a cool x-mas dude.......!



Im dreaming of a White Christmas..lala..laa !



Dad, what are we doing !?! We look kind of "gay" here....hehee !



Im Raymond "The King of Christmas" !



Im a Christmas Super model !



I decided that some of my friends should follow me outside, in the snow !



Hey.......dont flash me, so I get blind here !!!



I look like a russian kosack on this picture !



This is my first "hat" ever !



If Im behaving well here, do I get MORE Christmas gifts ?



This is me Raymond outside in our backyard !



I can give you a little ride, if you want to?




This is my Snowman at home !



Im a good little Christmas dog !



Its starting to get REALLY cold here now....hmm....!?!



OK ! Just a little bit more !



Swedish winters can be VERY cold !



I need some TLC soon...! Paweeese !!!


Here are some of my Yorkie friends. They are all dressed up for the Christmas holidays !!!


Christmas Yorkies ! Sparkle and Kaycee !


Bear is a guy who knows HOW to party !


Sweet Binky is all dressed up !


I love Miss Gidget !


Tazman is a cool dude !

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