Raymonds Internet Pals and Pictures !


My sweet little friend Boris from Norway !


Another pic of the Boris-dude ! He is owned by sweet Celia & his 12 brothers & one sister....cool huh ?


This is sweet little Cricket ! She is a hockey-mascot also !


Another one of cute little Cricket, she is a real star !


This is Poptart & Biskit.....such cute girls !


No ! There is NOTHING wrong with your eyes ! They are REAL twins ! Rare but true !


Another picture of "The Twins" Gidget and Trinket !!!


This is Purzel from Germany ! A true Raymond look-a-like. Dont you think so !?!


Purzel is an excellent driver. Just like me !


This is Ruby ! Shes a little 10 weeks angel from Columbia, South Carolina, USA !



This is Rasmus from Denmark ! He is 8 years old and SO sweet !



This is Victor from Norway ! I know he is not a Yorkie, but he is a special buddy of mine !


This is little Cricket from Crown Royal Yorkies !


This is little GizBo from Miami, in his Smarty Pants, cool huh ?


Another pic of sweet lil GizBo in his very stylish chinese-coat outfit ! It is made by his mommy Merry  & shes also the owner of Doggone Fashions !


This is sweet Gidget & Bear from Sacramento, California !


This is a sweet rescue called Trooper, from Michigan USA !



This is Tazman and Gidget from USA ! They are spoiled rotten, by their mommy Doreen.....hehee....woof, woof !!!


This is sweet little Bruno from England, UK !


This is sweet & cool Lucas from Spain, a brand new buddy of mine !!!


Sweet Cowboy Rudy !


Raymonds Cool Animations & Pics !!!

This is sweet Muffin, Toby & me Raymond !


This is me Raymond & Toby ! Double trouble !!!


Toby is teasing me ! KFC rules !!!


The Heartbreakers in action !!!


Im a jail-bird !


This is me Raymond, posing nude....hehehee !!!


What can I say........I AM a true hero !!!


Toby dude !


Kaycee, Sparkle & little Jocko from California !


Gangsta Rudy, he is such a dude also !


My friend and close relative Ludvig, learning to swim in my pool ! Scary indeed !!!


Me in my Yorkiefest t-shirt ! Neat, huh ?


The "Cookie-monster" & me, hanging out in Stockholm together !!!


Me at a cafe ! Just looking at "hot" chicks.....!


Me, Jojje (my relative ) and Virre in Stockholm !


Action Jackson in his super-cool hat !


Bonnie is looking, as sweet as can be ! Her sweet mommy Sue, breed top quality yorkies and she makes very neat yorkie-stuff also !


Me modelling for a post-card, with some friends !


This is Phoenix.......he looks just like me, but black....SO cool !


     Me, Petit Fleur & her sister Mia......double trouble in Sweden....ohh...boy....!


My Girlfriend Petit Fleur......keep your paws off her, or else....!?!


        Kaycee & Sparkle are eating some tasty birthday-cake, made by their sweet mommy Jan in CA !


My "long lost twin" Max ! He likes to travel a lot, with his folks........SO cool !


Jocko in his little coasy cavebed ! How on earth did he get in there ??? A BIG mystery to me !?!


Me modelling for a coaster !


Kaycee & Sparkle are having a ball together, at the Moyers place in CA ! Jan can do everything and knows everything! She is such a great lady !


Me modelling for "undies" ! Wanna have me Raymond, on your butt....heheee.....???


Take-away food from Mickey Ds ! Yummi !!!


Kaycee, Sparkle & Jocko are looking out from the window ! Their mommy Jan always keep them neat, clean, shiny and well-groomed as you can see !?!


Me Raymond going shopping with mommy ! Always stylish....heheehe !


This is my Hawaiian buddy Brighton, with his two cool brothers Bongo & Boomer.......Ole !!!


Here are Bonnies new pups Roxie, Bijou & little Johnny Angel ! All is owned by sweet Sue in Michigan !


Here are Sunny, Lucy & Sadie in Utah ! They belong to Debbie who is a very cool lady !


This is my little friend Tanja from Norway ! She belongs to Else & Peder, who are really nice people !


Little sweet Princess Sierra ! She is owned by sweet Cindy !


Buddy-boy  in his cool outfit made by & owned by Cindy !


Beamer-dude  in his pretty bow ! He also belongs to sweet Cindy !


This is sweet Brett in his cute outfit ! He belongs to Goldie, who is a very cool "chick" !


Me Raymond & my bestest friend & relative Ludvig, are enjoying our Happy Meals !


This little cutie is Max, who lives in CA with his sweet mommy Karla & family !


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