This is Yorkie Bodri to the left and me little Yorkie Raymond to the right !

Woof, woof !!!


This is me Raymond to the left and my friend Bodri to the right, in another position.....hehehe !


Yummi, yummi !!!


Two relatives.


Friends can also be "a little" annoying sometimes.....hehehehee !?!


Do you want to take a picture !?!



Arenīt we just adorable !?!

Sleeeeepy.........nap time !



Good friends share !



Iīm warning you here.....donīt come closer.......or else !?!

Iīm such a happy little dog !


Just hanging out together !



On a little Mission !


This picture was taken in our  house in "the blue room".



I look like a bad & brutal "goon".......hehehee !!!


No more exercise pleeease !


Taking a little bath in the jacuzzi at home. We are a little "Homo Light" sometimes !


Chicks Rule !


Well Hello up there............you giraffe......hehehe !!!

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