Yorkie Raymond, Yorkie Ludvig and Some Friends !!!


Me little Yorkie Raymond


Mickey is a friend....he sure is all over the house !


My relative Ludvig !

He was born 94-10-18

Ludvig is a Lord too !

Visit Lord Ludvig of Langton Street !


This is me little Raymond to the left and little Ludvig to the right !!!


Two best friends and close relatives !


Ludvig is relaxing outside our house !


Can you tell that me Raymond and little Ludvig are relatives ?


Iīm a sweetie-pie !!!




Bodri (also my relative) and me little Raymond !


Sweet little Lili !


This is Clapton, my dadīs good friend Magnusīs Golden retriver !


Me Raymond as a little puppy and Ziggy !


This is my cute friend Dennis "le boheme" !


This is my tiny, tiny baby-sister Ronja !


Another picture of my tiny sister Ronja !


This is Tintin & Lotta, two new friends of mine !


The "cotton babes" again !


Some of my over 200 toys !!!


Me and my look-a-like Ludvig at home. We look like Bill and Bull !


I just LOVE to hang out in the sun, with my relative Ludvig ! Some luxury is NEVER wrong !


This is my sweet friend My ! She is a "hot" poodle !!!


I liked this tour EVEN

better, take me to

Raymond 4 for another

cool tour !!!!

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