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Awards to apply for are:


NR:1 Yorkie Raymonds cool dogsite Award

NR:2 Yorkie Raymonds cute dogsite Award

NR:3 Yorkie Raymonds hot babe Award

Nr:4 Yorkie Raymonds fashion and style Award

NR:5 Yorkie Raymonds you crack me up Award

NR:6 Yorkie Raymonds terrific website Award


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If you´re feeling lonely I will be there for you.......!

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Yorkie Raymonds recieved Awards !!!

Thank you SO much Maude !

Please visit Nisseliten´s, if you want to see some VERY beautiful Yorkies !


I just love this little guy.

I´m so proud of this award!

A cute little yorkie.

Nice to know that I´m not the only psycho !

I was the "Cool Dog Site of the Day" on the 30th of December 2002 !

Murphy is such a cool guy !

A very nice Yorkie !

Dont´t miss Helecas website !She is a cool, cool girl !!!

I sure like "Tuff" white guys !

Fannie is a sweetheart !

Nice to have some "big tuff guys" to back me up !

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A nice site !

Freddy is a great guy !

Blade looks like a tuff guy !

Nixon is my type of guy! Small with attitude !

This is a beautiful site !

Another cool guy !

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Julia & Doris such "foxy ladies" !

Knasen is so cool....!

Big and tuff guys !

Nice to know a "King" !

Cesar & Nike are cool dudes !

Noffe & Schäfer ! Cool swimglasses !

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Zeus sure is a handsome guy !

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Sweet buddies !!!

Tussi is a pretty dog !

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Cute buddies !

I love dogs with "dots" !

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Here you can find a very cute website !

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Somebody of my visitors nominated me, for this Award !

 Thank You !

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Angelic Dog Site Award !

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They are such cool guys and it´s one of my absolutely favourite sites !

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I´m Tootsie and I´m a pretty cool Dachshund !


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