Little Teddy Micky Mouse still being 9 weeks old !!!

Blue is a good colour on me, little Yorkie Teddy !


These surroundings in the woods are pretty cool.....but WHAT is it ???


I am one VERY loveable little creature !


Me Teddy playing some, with my little Teddy-blankie from Hawaii !


Come on Teddy......I wanna play !!!


I can chew on you too !


Well hello there again !


I love to chew on my little bones, with my very sharp crocodile-teeth !


WHO said that Glam-rock was DEAD ??? NOT ME little Yorkie Teddy !


This cool outfit is still a little big, but soon Im gonna look SO sassy in it !


This neat blue fleece-sweater, fits prefectly though !


I look like a little owl here.....hehee !


Another VERY cool outfit from auntie Sue & auntie Merry ! Really neat, huh ?


Teddy in the HOUSE !!! Yeah, yeah...YEAH !!!


I am TOO sexy for my shirt...TOO sexy for my shirt......I am SO sexy that it HURTS.....heheee....woof, woof !!!

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