Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse

being 9 weeks old !!!

I am a little Yorkie-Crocodile !!!

I am such a little rascal !

My brain might be LITTLE in SIZE, but otherwise it is HUGE !!!


Iīve got lots of YORKIE-ATTITUDE !

I love to CHEW on EVERYTHING !

Cell-phones for example !

I havenīt figured out how to make a proper call though......YET !

Mmmmm......VERY tasty indeed !

Who is speaking in there ??? Hello...hello...!!!

Whoever it was.......he or she, hung up on me !!!

MOM were you TEASING me AGAIN ???

BEWARE....or I WILL attack YOU with my VERY SHARP crocodile-teeth !

Heheee.............I am one VERY happy dude !

I love to be up in the couch, snuggling on one of my fleece-blankies !


My very own leg, tastes pretty good also....YUMMI !

Mmmmmm......my very own flesh taste pretty JUICY !

I am just KIDDING with you.......OF COURSE !

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