Little Yorkie Teddy being only 9 weeks old !!!

BOO...HOO......Happy Halloween friends from me little Yorkie Teddy !


I am bored and I want to play some NOW !


Fleece sure is comfy !


I weighed about 830 gram this time, at 9-10 weeks of age !


Learning to drive with dad.......you better start early, huh ?


My brand new cool blue fleece outfit from auntie Merry at Doggone Fashion, sure matches with our car !


Heheee........my LITTLE but LONG tongue, can reach my little black nose.....SO COOL !!!


Me posing in the posh & aristocratic way !


WHY are YOU staring at ME ???


This is me little Yorkie Teddy posing on top of our mountain Varvsberget, with a view over our town Örnsköldsvik !


Me little Yorkie Teddy posing here again, with a view over Åsberget !

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