Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse being 9 weeks old !!!

Look at me little Yorkie Teddy posing in my neat gifts, from my sweet friends Merry & Sue in The USA !

Doggone Fashion & Crown Royal Yorkshireterriers


Heheheee.........PINK is COOL on dudes !



This sweater was a little bit big, but very soon it will fit perfectly !


I am NOT a little TEDDYBEAR.....I AM a little YORKIE.....YES I AM !!!


Heheee.......I AM a little YORKIE-CROCODILE !!!


Is that a tasty human toe, that I see over there....mmm...!?!


Donīt you think that I look VERY CUTE, in my pink sweater !?!


I feel totally relaxed in this pink sweater !


This is my very own Teddy Mickey Mouse blankie, that sweet auntie Sue made for me !


Well hello there sweetie-pie !

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