Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse at 9 weeks of age !!!


Not much bigger than mommys shoes.......tiny dude indeed !


Ohh....that digital camera AGAIN.....I`m going INSANE here.....HELP......SOMEBODY....HELP !!!


Posing can be fun also.....WHEN I am in the MOOD, that IS !


But NOTHING beats CHEWING though !


Going out for a little walk with dad !


Ive got the look of an aristocrat, with a white "hankie" on my little chest & with a black mask, across my eyes.....I am a VERY posh-looking dude, indeed !


This is my bed-buddy......The Horse !


NO !!! I REFUSE to have my pic taken RIGHT NOW !


OK !!! Now I DECIDE that you CAN take your little pic of ME !


I think that mommys shoes, are my brothers & sisters !


I wanna sleep NOW ! Turn off that light......paweese !!!

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