Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse, being 5-9 weeks old !!!

Here was little Yorkie Teddy only 5 weeks old !


Another pic at his breeders Amynatas, when Teddy was only 5 weeks old !


I just love this siggy of me, that sweet Debbie R. made for mommy & me little Yorkie Raymond !



Meet my lil brother & my little Apprentice Teddy Micky Mouse !!!

Isnīt he just the cutest baby EVER !?! Teddy was only 8 weeks old, when mommy & daddy got him from his breeders Amynatas. This was one of the very first pics, that was taken of him at home at our place ! Going to their FOREVER homes at 8 weeks, is the standard with puppies in Sweden & with the Swedish Yorkie Breeders & SYTS.


I am pretty photogenic already, huh ?


Me little Yorkie Teddy posing for mommy at home !


Me little Yorkie Teddy is SO tiny !


Comfy blankie, huh ?


Here is little Teddy Micky Mouse, only 8 weeks old !


One comfy little dude !


I REALLY think that he REALLY LOVED his brand new leopard-bed ! Donīt you think so, friends !?!


Little Teddy sitting outside, one of his little houses !


Sweet little Teddy sleeping in his animal-bed !


Teddy in camouflage !


A pretty relaxed little Teddy, huh ?


Little Teddy only 8 weeks old at home !


Another shoe-picture of little Yorkie Teddy !


He DOES go out SOMETIMES also....hehee...woof, woof !!!


Teddy playing outside at home !


Arenīt we comfy looking, or what ???


Teddy is one VERY relaxed little dude !


Hello....it is ME...little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse here !!!


I AM a CUTE boy indeed !!!


I love to chew on those little washing-advice things !


This was my VERY FIRST blankie.....I do love PINK, just like my big brother Raymond !


I wonder if I should attack YOU, or NOT..hmmm..????


NO...I think that I WILL leave you alone...THIS time ! I have to rest my little crocodile-teeth a little here !


Here is little Yorkie Teddy 9 weeks old, just relaxing in mommy & daddys bed !


He sure is a little rascal & he apperantly bites, like a little crocodile also !


Teddy sleeps in mommy & daddys bed........OF COURSE !!!


This cell-phone is MINE !!!


What the HECK is THIS ??? A LEASH...on ME ??? WHY ???


Me Teddy really LOVES shoes....BIG TIME !


Well good morning friends ! Rise & shine !!!


Me Raymond posing on my very own little neat siggy, that were made for me & mommy, by our very sweet & very talented friend Debbie R. in Canada !


I am VERY tired here !


I think that I will sleep some more.....zzzz !


I have got lots of Yorkie-attitude ALREADY...hehehee...woof, woof !


ME having an ATTITUDE, WHAT did you SAY........???


This is my DREAM & FANTASY bed, as the little metrosexual little doggie, that I really am.....heheee ! LOL


A staff-meeting with my buddy Pokemon !


I am a pretty WILD ANIMAL indeed !


I have got a pretty HOT temper also.....ALREADY....SO BEWARE !!!


But I AM a little ANGEL mostly though !


My VERY FIRST snow ! How VERY COOL, me little Teddy says !


A little Yorkie Raymond collageī !


This is little Yorkie Teddys VERY pretty & VERY cool father Casper ! He is an International Champion !


This is Casper again with his owner Stefan, who is the owner of Amynatas, where little Yorkie Teddy comes from !


This is Stefan the owner of Amynatas, the judge at The Show and little Yorkie Casper, when he became an International Champion !


This is little Yorkie Teddys pretty mother Tanja !


This is little Yorkie Teddys grandfather Tristan, who is a very pretty boy !

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