Raymond 10

Raymond Mixed Pictures 1 !!!


I have always loved to drive !


Yes, I am a VERY good driver indeed !


I always behave good !


Donīt you believe me !?!


I am a sweetie-pie !


Why does the world feel upside down sometimes ???


This pic was taken just after my appointment at the vets.


I thought that I looked pretty cool, all wrapped-up like this !



Do you think so too ??



Me Raymond in the woods nearby our house !


I can stand like this for hours....just smelling !




But I use my ears a lot too !



I think that I can see something....far, far away !



I am doing my very own little "Elvis lip-thing" here !



I wonder how many sticks, that I have fetched in my entire life ??? Many sticks indeed !



They donīt call me Raymond "The Swedish Tadpole" for nothing !!!


It is a tuff job, but somebody is gonna do it !



Here is another stick for you !


What is this ??? Foam on MY beach !?!


I think that I will go in another direction instead !



Ohh...MY...I almost lost track of my stick here !



YES I am cool and YES I know it !!!



I think the squirrels had a BIG party here last night !


I am getting undressed here....please donīt stare !




Ooooppii.....I just love to roll around, after a little skinny-dip !


I am Chief Raymond of the Yorkie-tribal !


I think that I swollowed a fly here....yukki !


I love to exercise A LOT and ALL the time !


Did someone say pool-pawty ???


If there will be a party, Iīm there dude !



I must hurry up to be there in time !


I will just take my very last little swim here !

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