Raymond 10


Raymonds little School of Table-manners !!!


ALWAYS sit-up nicely, with a straight back & a closed mouth ! Donīt forget to ALWAYS chew the SMALL bites, with a CLOSED mouth !


NEVER EVER drink too much ! Then you will be in SERIOUSE trouble !!! LOL



Some polite small-talk with the girl (hopefully) next to you, is always a good idea ! Show your interest & behave yourself, even if she is very "HOT" !


ALWAYS appreciate the Chef !



You can ask for a second round of food, if there is some food left, that is ! But ONLY when everybody, had their first rounds of course. But never ever take ALL OF it ! ALWAYS ask the girls first also !!!



If you behave yourself really good, you will most defentily get another dinner-invitation some day ! But to host a little party of your own, is not a bad idea either !!! Donīt be a cheap guy......NO WAY....be a generouse guy instead and feel the joy by giving and sharing a little !


Raymond says BON APPETIT !!!

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