A letter from The Rainbow Bridge !!!


Hi Ms Ulrica - My name is Jordan (I'm a beautiful and intelligent girl yorkie - see me in the pitchurs?) and I AM (even though Raymond doesn't want to admit it), the self-pawclaimed Boss of EveryPuppy.  I, too, am a superstar (I can't help it - I was borned this way) and live here at The Rainbow Bridge.  From what Ant Merry tells me, ya loved Raymond, your little nit-twit.  (In MY world, which is the onliest world that counts, all boys are twits.)  I wanted to tell ya that Ant Merry set up a BridgeMail Account for Raymond.  She sent a donation to FluffyButts, the rescue group I started, so Raymond can send mail from up here and tell everyone who cares what's goin on up here.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm the onliest one who's got anything impawtant to say but Ant Merry says that Raymond is very cool and I love Ant Merry so I guess he must be okay, for a twit. 
I left Mom 16 months and 7 days ago.  I got sick on Sunday and had to leave her that next Monday.  Yep, just like that.  And Mom still boo-hoos every freakin day!  GET OVER IT ALREADY, I tell her but does she listen?  No.  She's gotta hard head and never listens to anypuppy.  She used to listen to me when I told her what to do but she doesn't since I left.  Here I am, up here, tryin to make sure everypuppy does what they're sposed to do so it's not like I have all day to keep an eyeball on her.  She makes my job so much harder cuz I try to tell her to knock it off but she doesn't so I worry 'bout her all the time.
Ant Merry says you're a lot like Mom cuz you miss Raymond the same way Mom misses me.  Well, lemme tell ya sompin...Raymond is doin JUUUUUUUUUST fine.  He thinks he's the Boss of me but he's not.  He IS the Boss of All the Twits.  Big moo - whatta title.  Who gives a care 'bout twits?!
Anyway, I just wanted to tell ya 'bout the donation Ant Merry sent to FluffyButts.  She loved Raymond, from what it sounds like, but I know she loves me lots, too.  Look at the website she built for me.  (The link is down below here.)
You hang in there, Ms Ulrica, and if Raymond does sompin stupid up here, I'll letcha know.


Your New Friend,


Hi Ulrica - Merry Lentz sent me a link to your little Raymond's website and my, oh, my, what a darling little boy!  Almost as cute as my Jordan.  : )  I'm so sorry that he's gone.  I know the anguish, the pain and all the feelings you and your husband are having.  I have a bazillion pictures of Jordan, my little yorkie girl and soul mate, who left me on May 24, 2005.  I still can't believe she's gone.  I miss her to my bones and cry every day for her.  I miss her so much that nothing in my life has been right since she left.

Merry made a donation to FluffyButts in memory of Raymond.  She tells me she's hoping this will get him to talking again.  I know my Jordan never shuts up, not even from The Bridge.  It's so hard to hear what's going on with her but I have to find a way to deal with her loss.
My heart is with you.

Hug and kiss your kidlets like there's no tomorrow.

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