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Meet little Yorkie Raymond from Sweden ! The famouse swedish tadpole & the metrosexual little doggie, with the mega-cool hair-extensions. Little Yorkie Raymond who also lives at his private Pink Castle, at The Rainbow Bridge. Little Yorkie Raymond is the Boss, at his workplace "The Toys Paradise" up there at The Bridge. You can hear more about ALL his antics & ALL about his crazy & silly wareabouts, through his FREE newsy little Newsletters. Little Yorkie Raymond is the pater familias, in our Yorkie-family ! Also meet little Yorkie Teddy "Micky Mouse".....Yorkie Raymond´s sweet little brother & his very first apprentice ! Little Yorkie Teddy....the very fast & the totally fearless little Yorkie-Crocodile ! Little Yorkie Teddy is now officially a Yorkie Police Officer, at The Swedish Yorkie Police Patrol. He is always out on a little secret mission, in his very own cool black little Police Car....so WATCH OUT " you criminal you" ! Then a second little family member arrived here in Sweden pals !!! Our "little" Yorkieboy.....Yorkie Freddy "Cookie Monster" ! Yorkie Raymond´s second apprentice & Yorkie Teddy´s lil brother ! Little Yorkie Freddy is built like a cool Monster Truck, or a Hummer ! So BEWARE friends, he might "run over you" someday....hehee..woof, woof !!! "Da Metrosexual little Swedish Yorkies" at " Da Playdog Mansion" in Sweden, will rock & rule "Da House" from now on ! We sure work VERY HARD for metrosexuality, over here at our place......hehehee...hehee...woof, woof ! We always have and we always will.....yes-yes !!! BREAKING NEWS pals !!! A third & a fourth apprentice/protage´......little Yorkie Milou "Kermit The Frog" & little Yorkie Irresistible Viggo "Betty Boop´s Pudgy", have arrived here at our whimsical little house in Sweden. Mega-cool, huh ? So a lot of NEW pics & a lot of other FUN stuff, will come up here VERY soon....yes-yes ! KEWL !!! Do NOT miss it friends ! No way Jose´ !!! 

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Little Yorkie Freddy, Viggo, Milou & Teddy´s most recent group pic ! They are the Yorkie version´s of the fameouse football player´s......Mr Ronaldinho, Mr Zinedine Zidane, Mr David Beckham & Mr Zlatan Ibrahimovic ! Pretty great team, huh ?


We are currently....to put it mildly here..."a bit late"....in sending out our little Yorkie Raymond´s Newsletters, in responding that much & in updating the website in general. Because of some long-lasting human health-issues & some other "not so fun" problems, that have been going on both now & lately.....JFYI friends !!! But we are working on it, in every way...we PROMISE.....yes-yes ! We do read ALL YOUR messages of course ! You´re NOT forgotten pals....NO WAY Jose´! So please forgive our silence and please don´t be mad, worried, or sad if you don´t hear from us, as much as you normally do pals. We have NOT stopped to care about all our sweet friends, it is just "out of our power"....if you know what we mean over here in Sweden !?! But we will really try to add some new stuff on the website, every week from now on....yes-yes ! A BRAND NEW newsy little Newsletter from lil Yorkie Raymond, is soon on the way to be sent out, to ALL our sweet & dear friends all over the world also ! MEGA-KEWL, don´t you think so !?! 

We promise to post more regulary, on this year of 2016 !


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Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse ! 


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Every little Yorkie needs a cute backpacker !


Little Yorkie Teddy's Most Recent Pics !



Me little Yorkie Raymond with my cool hair-extensions !


 The whole swedish gang, or should I say "Da Brat Pack" !?! 


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Swedish little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse in pose again !


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Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse & some of his Disney friends at home !


The Swedish Tadpole in action !


 I am a Supermodel....yes-yes !!! Stiiirike the pose ! 


I even wore a sun-tan lotion on my little belly, during summertime ! FOR REAL pals....I´m NOT kidding here ! I just LOVE to work on my tan !


 We are ALL SET for some off-pist skiing now ! 


Little Yorkie Teddy is a Bodyguard & a Super Nanny, in one package !!! A little Yorkie "Manny" !


Me little Yorkie Teddy loves EVERYBODY !


But I´m a fearless little "Yorkiedile" also....so BEWARE !


Don´t we look pretty KEWL friends !?! 


Little Yorkie Freddy Cookie Monster as a little baby !


Little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy, were the bestest of buddies straight away....yes-yes !


 Little Yorkie Milou is growing up SO fast ! 



Our little Yorkie Freddy ! "Built NOT to break" !


Little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy......"partners in crime" !


Little Yorkie Teddy & Freddy are outside on a little secret mission !


Little Yorkie Freddy is exploring the world outside !


Little Yorkie Freddy with his ears taped & "on fire" !


 Meet little Yorkie Viggo, one of our two newest Yorkieboys !


Our little Yorkie Irresistible Viggo "Betty Boop´s Pudgy" and our little Yorkie Teddy "Micky Mouse", do look like twins indeed ! They share the very same looks & the very same manners ! But they are really close related !


Little Yorkie Viggo talks a lot, with some really funny sounding noises !


Little Yorkie Viggo is a good poser also, just like his brothers !


Little Yorkie Freddy is always in the mood for a little photo shoot !


Our smallest & our youngest babyboy, little Yorkie Milou "Kermit The Frog" ! 


 Little Yorkie Milou might be SMALL in size, but he is TOTALLY fearless and VERY brave ! 


Little Yorkie Milou even jumps like Kermit The Frog !


Little Yorkie Freddy & little Yorkie Milou, are the bestest of friends now !


Little Yorkie Milou "Kermit The Frog", is a WILD animal !


Little Yorkie Freddy is the sweetest guy EVER !


Little Yorkie Viggo is a very gentle dude !


Little Yorkie Viggo says.....Can we PLAY some NOW friends.....paweese !?!


Me little Yorkie Teddy is ready to go out and play some in the swedish snow now!


Little Yorkie Teddy Micky Mouse is a clever little professor, that thinks a lot & all the time !


Little Yorkie Milou LOVES to play !


Little Yorkie Milou LOVES to chew also !


We swedish Yorkie Vikings are MANLY ENOUGH, to wear some HOT & some PINK outfits !


We swedish Yorkies do look great "nekked" also....hehee...woof, woof !


 Two Yorkie brothers in Sweden, that are hanging out together ! LOL 


Little Yorkie Freddy is one cuddly dude for sure !



But little Yorkie Freddy can be a bit shy also !


Little Yorkie Milou wants to be just like his brothers, in EVERY way !


But little Yorkie Teddy is The BIG BOSS, at our house !


Little Yorkie Teddy is ALWAYS on duty !


Thanks for surfing by our little Website friends !


Would you fancy a relaxing little swedish Yorkie massage perhaps !?!


Little Yorkie Teddy is an excellent wrestler !


I´m a VERY manly little dude, even if I think that PINK is the coolest colour EVER !!!

 Little Yorkie Freddy is a little charmer indeed ! 


 Watch out Miss Tyra Banks...here comes me...little Yorkie Teddy !



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Me....the little Yorkie Police Officer Teddy & my "partner in crime" lil Yorkie Freddy, are working our fluffy Yorkie-butt´s off, to keep the swedish streets clean away from crime.........yes-yes ! So BEWARE "you criminal you" !!! The Swedish Yorkie Police Patrol, is always out on a little secret mission ! Do you like my "hot wheels" friends ? Pretty cool, huh ? It has NO speed limit either....zoom-zoom-zooooom ! 


YOU better respect MY authority....OR ELSE.....grr-grr...woof-woof...! Pretty stylish hat, huh ?


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Hopefully......bring a smile to your face, to brighten your day a little, to share a little from our part of the world with you, to remind you of a current dog, to remind you of a beloved lost dog/pet, to make you be able to escape reality and troubles for a while, or just to make you be able to share your thoughts and interests with another "dogfreak" in this world.....So we really hope that YOU will enjoy your stay and our work here, at little Yorkie Raymond´s & little Yorkie Teddy, Freddy, Viggo & Milou´s Homepage !!!